Following yesterday's reports that a Park Slope resident would be cleared, a judge has officially cleared Karl Vanderwoude of forcible touching, unlawful surveillance and sexual abuse charges. He told reporters, "I’m really glad this has come to an end. It’s been hard."

Police had asked the public for help in identifying a man who was groping women in various Manhattan locations. Apparently a tipster contacted the police with Vanderwoude's information ("his name, address, cell phone, place of employment and the name of the person with whom he was living"), leading cops to arrest him.

Vanderwoude, who holds bible study classes in his home, had emphasized that he had nothing to do with the crime, telling the media, "My integrity, my character, has been tarnished by this," and said security video at his office would clear him. Vanderwoude's lawyer also pointed out that he was having dinner with a friend at Otto during one of the alleged attacks.

The 26-year-old said of the Manhattan DA's office, "They were acting on the information that they had. They were just doing their jobs." In an earlier interview with NBC New York, Vanderwoude added, "I knew this wasn't me, and I would be able to prove it, but at the time, it seemed like it spiraled out of control. I know that it will come out that it's not me, but it is hard to see that and know it's all over the Internet -- it's national."

Of course, this means the groper is still out there—here's information on where the attacks took place and video and photos of the suspect.