2006_06_vandeath.jpgThe 300 foot fall a Staten Island family's minivan took off a Bear Mountain scenic point now looks like it was suicide,
according to various reports. The accident claimed the life of Hejin Han and injured her two young daughters. And the woman's husband, Victor Han, will be arraigned on charges of "promoting a suicide attempt, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child." Officials noticed that the van managed to maneuver through the boulders on the edge of the cliff, and Han admitted that his wife was suicidal after 15 hours of questioning. The Daily News reports that Han told the police "his wife warned him she would harm herself and their girls if given the opportunity." Han apparently got out of the car with the motor still running, and Han's wife put the car into gear and drove off the cliff. And the Post had quotes from Hejin Han's nephew, who said his family was "trying to comfort the children and keep them occupied by showing them Bible videos" and that the family is "upset at Victor."

Han is an engineer on Staten Island; neighbors say Hejin Han left her job as an architect to raise the children. Police are trying to point out the silver lining in the whole incident: The Hans' 3 and 5 year old daughters were saved by wearing seat belts. Their mother was not wearing one.