If we're to believe this CBS headline, then Grim LeRogue, the man who rushed the field at Yankee Stadium with a photo of A-Rod reading "You have to go bud, you've ruined too many of our white queens," hates A-Rod. But before he set off on his crusade to win Cameron Diaz's heart, he saved some of his wrath for local politicians. He is believed to be the author of vitriolic letters sent to Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and the newsrooms of The Riverdale Press and Norwood News, signed "The Uncle of Sam" in an apparent nod to the Bronx's "Son of Sam" killer. Uh oh, is there a talking dog involved?

The letters are reportedly filled with hate-speech directed at Jews, Latinos and blacks, and officials say they could be used in the investigation into his Yankee Stadium antics. LeRogue was scheduled to be arraigned at his bedside in Lincoln Hospital, but he has yet to be fingerprinted because he is still undergoing psychiatric evaluation. However, it doesn't look like his stunt succeeded in spooking the Yankees 3rd baseman; A-Rod had no idea the incident even occurred until he saw it in the papers the next day.