Sante and Kenneth Kimes

The latest twist in the saga of mother-son grifters, Sante and Kenneth Kimes, is that Kenneth will plead guilty to the 1998 murder of LA businessman David Kazdin. In return, Kenneth, already convicted for the 1998 murder of Irene Silverman on the Upper East Side, will get a life sentence (not the death penalty) while testifying against his mother, who was charged in the LA murder as well as convicted in the Silverman murder. The Kimeses killed Kazdin after he threatened to reveal that they forged his signature to get a loan.

The Kimeses hatched a much more nefarious plot with the killing of Irene Silverman: They moved into an apartment in her townhouse, with the plot of eventually stealing the $7 million home.

Court TV on the Kimeses, the Silverman murder, and the odd incident where Kenneth took a Court TV producer hostage while she was interviewing him in jail.