A sharp-eyed mourner managed to stop the wrong casket from being placed in her father's grave in a Staten Island cemetery last year, after she noticed a Post-It note bearing a stranger's name stuck to the coffin's side.

According to the Post, Jenny Gutnick was attending her father's funeral at Mount Richmond Cemetery last April when she noticed, as his casket was being lowered into the ground, that it was labeled with a sticky note containing a woman's name. This struck Gutnick as strange, and she demanded that the proceedings be stopped and that the contents of the casket be investigated.

Gutnick's family is Orthodox Jewish, and there was much back-and-forth before the rabbi would finally allow the casket to be wedged open—at which point, Gutnick found not the body of her father, but a woman she had never seen.

It took cemetery workers around three hours of frantic scrambling to locate the body of Grigoriy Gutnikov, Gutnick's father and the coffin's rightful occupant. Finally, mourners were led to "a freshly filled grave in another area of the graveyard," in which, though intended for the woman, it turned out Gutnikov had just been buried.

Gutnick has filed a lawsuit against the cemetery, as well as Capitol Funeral Service, citing her incredible emotional distress at the mixup. “I’m depressed. I feel bad. I have many doctor appointments. Every day I cannot sleep. I have a big medical problem. You don’t know how bad my stress is,” she told the tabloid.

The funeral home offered Gutnick a free plot in exchange for her troubles. She turned it down.