The NYPD will have 250 police cadets comb Inwood Park for more clues in the Sarah Fox murder case. Much has been made of the tulip tree flowers and petals found near Fox's body, with the possibility of them being placed in a ritualistic fashion, but a second botanist consulting on the investigation says they could have fallen there (the last two grafs of the Times article explain the confusion). While there is some possibility that Fox knew her killer, investigators seem think that the murder may been caused by a vagrant.

The Daily News speaks with a woman who had been attacked in Inwood Park last year. Both the Daily News and Times paint a picture of the park area near the Henry Hudson bridge, where Fox's body was found (one young woman tells the DN, "My roommate's buying some Mace for me today. This is making me think a lot harder about coming in here alone."; a 57 year-old woman tells the Times, "I put it this way: I don't let my husband up there by himself.").

Additionally, the Times reports that the grid search by the 250 cadets was "ordered" by Commissioner Kelly, because of the crime scene's "unusually dense vegetation and lack of evidence [the clothes and Discman have not been retrieved]."