A bus bound for NYC from Atlantic City had to be evacuated today because of the sheer volume of roaches crawling all over the freaking place. A revolting predicament to be sure, but does it surprise you? If so, you haven't really gone Greyhound. One passenger tells NBC New York, "All of a sudden the roaches came out of nowhere, they were on the floor, they were falling form the ceiling." Yeah, sounds about right.

The roaches made their move about 15 minutes into the trip, and the bus, carrying 48 passengers, was pulled over and emptied out in what we're sure was an orderly and civilized evacuation. The roaches then fired up the bus and headed back to A.C., where they were last spotted doubling down a Ritz cracker on black in the Showboat casino. See, this is why we always wear our glue trap suit when taking Greyhound.

In a statement, Greyhound says, "Once the driver became aware of the situation, the driver followed procedures by pulling the bus over to a safe location and notifying our dispatch office. A second bus was immediately sent to pick up those passengers and continue their travel into New York. Currently, our team is investigating the situation and working to determine its cause."

A second bus came to transport the passengers to Port Authority, and all were given apologies and refunds, which we're sure will make up for everything. Next time, it's Fung Wah all the way! Oh, wait.