That bus exhaust fume you smell is that sound of a bus price war! Greyhound has entered the fray of discount bus routes, dropping their prices as low as $15 for one way and $30 for round-trip for the NYC-Boston route that the Chinatown buses have dominated with their low low prices. Fung Wah currently charges $15 for a one-way ticket.

Are you more likely to ride Greyhound at these price? Or will you stick to Chinatown buses? The bus line price wars now offers customers a choice for where they might want to wait. We think that some riders will still head to Chinatown, as it's convenient for downtown and Brooklyn residents, but riders who can get on 7 line might as well take it to the Port Authority.

Lately, Chinatown buses have been under more scrutiny after some bus accidents. And the congestion caused by the Chinatown bus lines' "sidewalk terminals" has prompted suggestions like opening up terminals for the bus lines at the Port Authority and in Queens.

[Via reader Joseph - thanks!]