While cheap curbside bus companies like BoltBus and MegaBus are facing stricter safety regulations, big leaguer Greyhound might be headed for a curb near you! The company is mulling over installing a curbside stop on the Lower East Side.

The bus company, which runs out of the more established Port Authority bus terminal, wants to get in on the curbside intercity bus market, which has burgeoned considerably over the past few years. They plan to start by teaming up with low cost carrier Peter Pan in creating a stop on Essex Street, right outside Seward Park. Of course, area residents might not be thrilled with the companies' proposed hourly bus pickups and drop-offs from 7 a.m. to 9:15 p.m., and thus Greyhound's curbside fate sits in the hands of Community Board 3. "We have to balance the needs of bus companies to those of businesses and residents," David Crane, the transportation committee chair at CB3, told DNAinfo.

City and state governments have tried to regulate curbside pick-ups and drop-offs over the past year by assigning specific operating locations and requiring permits, and big companies like MegaBus have felt pressure to relocate to Port Authority to limit traffic and congestion.