2008_05_bxgreyhound.jpgA Greyhound bus' roof was sheared off when the driver ignored signs about an overpass that was lower than the bus' height. Passenger William Tedeschi said, "All that we heard was a big rip coming from the front to the back. I thanked God I was alive -- I was so scared."

The bus was stuck at the overpass on the Henry Hudson Parkway around West 252nd Street. Six passengers were injured by the debris; Tedeschi said he helped an injured woman, "I put a black shirt and tied her head closed, because you could see the front of her skull a little bit. Blood was just coming out like crazy."

The bus was taking passengers from Springfield, MA to the Port Authority. The other 31 passengers were left waiting in the rain for another bus, but as one passenger told WABC 7, "Thank God we are alive." The FDNY said the driver was unfamiliar with the parkway.

Last year, the driver of a 13'6" high truck ignored a sign at the Lincoln Tunnel saying the tunnel is only 13' high. The truck's roof was peeled back like a tin can.