Yesterday morning police evacuated 2 World Financial Center after workers in the mailroom spotted a "grenade" inside a UPS package. The bomb squad was called to the scene, and after further investigation it was determined that the grenade was actually a novelty item affixed to a wooden plaque with a sign that read: "Complaint Department. Please Take a Number." The gag, as you can see, is that the number is attached to the grenade pin, thus making complaining comically "fatal."

The NYPD says the grenade was ordered by an employee who told investigators he bought the item from a company that specializes in U.S. Marine Corps novelties. No charges were filed against the jokester, who works for Japanese investment bank Nomura Holdings, and a bank spokesman says the employee was placed on administrative leave for ordering the "inappropriate item." It's unclear if he'll face disciplinary action for bringing great shame upon Nomura Holdings, but he should probably cancel that order of Fart Bombs ASAP.