Good day, Greg Kelly! The always entertaining WNYW news "personality" (and son of police commissioner Ray Kelly) had his final day as the co-host of Good Day New York this morning. And like Ann Curry yesterday there was tears. Also, handcuffs.

This morning's edition started off a little 50 Shades when Kelly decided to cuff himself to his co-host Rosanna Scotto—who makes it clear she'd LOVE to be back at the 10 p.m. newscast if her bosses would let her—and threatens to never leave her. See for yourself:

And then, at the end of the show, came some tears, some jokes, a fond farewell, a good old Kelly awkward moment (always good to remember the names of the people you want to thank, Greg!) and a whole lot of McDonald's.

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering how The Soup, which has made something of an industry out of clips from Good Day, is taking the news, well host Joel McHale has your answer: