2007_03_shvi.JPGThe NYPD has revealed more details about last night's horrible shooting the Greenwich Village. The police released a photograph of the gunman, David Garvin (pictured below), who apparently was a regular DeMarco's customer and was asked to leave a few times. Garvin fatally shot DeMarco's employee Alfredo Romero Morales, then shot two auxiliary police officers before being killed by other responding police officers. His roommate worked for DeMarco's, but had been fired a few months ago; a resident said that Garvin was an ex-employee, but that has not been confirmed.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly spoke at a press conference:

- There is surveillance camera video of Garvin shooting at auxiliary police officers Eugene Marshalik and Nicholas Pekearo; Marshalik's and Pekearo's families gave the NYPD permission to show the tape. You can see it here; Pekearo ducked behind a car, Garvin crosses the street and shoots him from a few feet away...then he goes back to the street to shoot Marshalik in the head at close range.
- Kelly says that since an empty clip was found on the west side of Sullivan Street, the police are hypothesizing that Garvin expended his ammunition at DeMarco's, came across Marshalik and Pekearo and then reloaded to shoot them.
- Garvin had been in the Marine Corps between 1986-1988; he was released with a less than honorable discharge. He moved to NYC in October 2006. The NYPD has seized his computer to see what it may contain.


- Garvin had at least 135 rounds of ammunition with him; the NYPD says it's possible that he was planning much more violence. Kelly said that Pekearo and Marshalik most likely stopped more bloodshed.
- Garvin was shot many times - there were 30 wounds on his body, though it's unclear how many times he was shot. The police fired at least 50 rounds at him.
- The NYPD will pay for Marshalik and Pekearo's funerals.

The NY Times spoke to DeMarco's part-owner Margaret Mieles who said they were shutting down the bar and restaurant part of the pizzeria. She was also upset because she had considered firing Morales because the business was not doing well, but kept him on because he was well liked: "I don’t understand. Why Alfredo? It doesn’t make sense. And it never, ever will." Apparently Garvin came in regularly for spaghetti and didn't behave oddly.

Some people were in the Village during the shooting and have written, posted video and photographs: A Brooklyn Life, Chelsa on Vimeo, selectroclash.