A Connecticut man has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife with a baseball bat after she told him she was leaving him. Michael DeMaio, 55, has been charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault in the attack on wife Diane DeMaio, 54, who CBS reports suffered severe injuries likely resulting in brain damage. "I lost it, I just lost it," Michael DeMaio reportedly told cops after being arrested.

According to the Greenwich Times, he became enraged shortly after learning from his wife, a local nutritionist with whom he has three adult children, was leaving him on Tuesday evening. Police responded to a domestic disturbance call from the couple's $7.3 million estate in Greenwich where they found her in a pool of blood in an upstairs closet.

They wrote: "Three ice packs formed a makeshift pillow under DeMaio's badly disfigured head, which police say was allegedly bludgeoned with a baseball bat by her unemployed husband, Michael DeMaio, in a crime of passion." He allegedly admitted to the first officer on the scene that he struck his wife numerous times on the head and body with the baseball bat.

Diane DeMaio's mother was also in the house at the time of the incident; she was reportedly yelling when police first entered. "That monster hit her and she's dying," she said. "I mean this is the craziest thing. I would have never expected this especially in this neighborhood. People usually keep to themselves and they're usually good people," neighbor Jack Varvel told local station WTNH.