Yesterday, the Mayor unveiled the South Bronx Greenway Plan, which is part of the Hunts Point plan that " improve access to the waterfront, provide much-needed recreational opportunities, improve transportation safety and greatly enhance the network of bike and pedestrian paths on the South Bronx peninsula." The city will start four projects that will bring a waterfront park (with floating dock for boaters and kayakers) and paths for joggers and bicyclists. Construction will begin next summer, for completion in 2011.

The Post notes that Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr. was very thrilled. Diaz, who endorsed Fernando Ferrer in last year's mayoral election, said, "One of your many legacies is you proved many of us wrong. I believe you'll go down as the mayor who did not forget The Bronx."

According to the city's press release, the city is "in the midst of a $462 million initiative to improve parks throughout the Bronx over the next five years." Also, here's Streetsblog on the plan.