Today's City section that brings up another problem with the development boom that has covered our fair city the past few years: Where to put the local old folk. Specifically where to put their nursing homes.

For instance, the city currently has plans to build 250 low-income apartments on the parking lot of the old Greenpoint Hospital. Building those apartments will help fulfill low-income quotas that developers need in order to build more luxury towers like the ones going up around McCarren Park, a tried and true urban development trick to get as many new people in the neighborhood as possible. Except, well, a vocal group of long-time Greenpoint residents were really hoping that a nursing home could be built on the same parking lot. And really, we think they have a point.

“We’re not trying to stop progress,” said Mr. Cianciotta, a retired union representative at the Sanitation Department. “But if you want to go into progress, there are a lot of old people who need a nursing home in the area. We don’t want to go out to Queens or Hempstead or anywhere else.”

Or, as another resident put it, “A person gets old, he’s got to go to a nursing home in Far Rockaway. I mean, come on. Why does he got to go over there when we got land over here?”

We'd be grumpy too. Considering some of the sketchy ways that developers have been throwing 'low-income' and 'affordable' around these days in the name of 'luxury' housing, our gut tells us that a nursing home would probably be the a good bet for the city. If developers want to build those towers, and they do, we are sure they can find another place to put them. But then again, we were brought up to respect our elders.

Brooklyn Forever by k.gregory via Contribute.