The NYPD has arrested a 33-year-old woman accused of splashing the "Charging Bull" sculpture on Wall Street with blue paint to protest the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist that Courtney Frances Fallon, 33, has been arrested and charged with making graffiti and criminal mischief in connection with this week's incident. Fallon, who lives in Greenpoint, told the Daily News yesterday that at around 6 a.m. she vandalized the Arturo di Modica-sculpted bull and draped a sash reading “Draw the Blue Line” over the nearby "Fearless Girl" statue.

"I’m putting up blue lines throughout New York City to represent rising sea levels as a comment on the United States’ potential withdrawal from the Paris Accord," she told the tabloid. “And I’m hoping they become so ubiquitous that members of the U.N. will see them and reaffirm their commitment to the agreement.”

Draw The Blue Line is an activist group encouraging UN members to acknowledge US citizens' support for the Paris Accord, which Donald Trump pledged to pull out of in June. The Accord will be discussed during next week's UN General Assembly, and the group is "asking New York City and the rest of the world to put horizontal blue lines across buildings (facades and interiors), trees, fences, windows, on social media, everywhere" to call attention to their cause, according to their website. It's unclear whether Fallon is formally involved with the group, but they tweeted support of the blue bull yesterday.

Fallon also said she initially planned to only mark the "Fearless Girl" statue, but that “[t]he bull came to me when I was measuring her sash,” she told the News. "We have to be bullheaded in the face of climate change denial."

Though Fallon used chalk and corn oil so the bull could be cleaned easily, the city was not happy with her method of protest:

Mayor de Blasio addressed the incident yesterday, noting there would be "consequences" for whoever was involved in turning the bull blue. "You don’t deface property and you don’t destroy property," he said.

The bull had been scrubbed clean as of 9 a.m. yesterday.