Both the Mayor and City Council have agreed upon a plan to redevelop the 134 block area along the East River in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Here is the Mayor's press release, which notes that 5 more acres of "public open space" have been added to the plan for a total of 54 acresand that the number of affordable housing units increased from 23% to 33%. What's interesting about the affordable housing clause is that if a builder wants to build 35-40 residential stories, one-third will have to be affordable housing; if there's no affordable housing, then the building is "capped" at 23-33 stories. And what are the salary guidelines for affordable housing? "In the city's calculations, for a family of four, low income is defined as earning up to $50,250 per year, and moderate income is defined as $50,250 to $78,000," according to the NY Times. Other important points: Construction workers will be paid union-scale, there will be a number of mixed use buildings, and there's to be "light industry" in the area.

The Mayor also went out of his way to commend "City Council leadership, in particular Speaker Miller and Council Members Katz, Reyna, and Yassky" in working with his adminstration to craft a plan, the closest to a Hizzoner-City Council lovefest we're likely to get. And while these plans had some residents up in arms, it seems that some warily understand that change has to come.