With South Williamsburg supposedly still on their break from Hollywood, having been dubbed a no-film zone after too much action, the spotlight has turned to Greenpoint. But the NY Post reports that locals there are also getting riled up over the takeover, which brings a lack of parking spaces and too much traffic. A shopkeeper told the paper, "The thrill is gone. As far as I'm concerned, this is a nuisance. This is of no benefit to anyone around here."

Recently a new Jennifer Aniston movie blocked off a stretch of Manhattan Avenue to film a parade scene, while Step Up 3-D and a Martin Scorsese-directed HBO pilot Boardwalk Empire also filmed. For the former, titled The Bounty, locals were offered a shot to be an extra with $75 pay—however one resident says the fat cats in Hollywood just played them for fools so they'd "shut up," and brought in their own people in the end.

But Brooklynites may have to get used to it, as one industry insider notes, "Manhattan is losing its eclecticism and diversity." There is a silver (screen) lining: at least productions, and their money, didn't abandon New York.