Police are on the lookout for two thieves who shot a jewelry store owner in Greenpoint during a brazen broad daylight robbery this afternoon. Richard Sanocki has owned Studio Jewelry at 93 Nassau Avenue for 17 years, and he'd just returned from vacation in Poland today. An hour after opening the doors, he was took a bullet to the stomach.

Sanocki was rushed to the hospital and his son says he's expected to survive. His two assailants made off with an undetermined amount of merchandise from the shop, and investigators are analyzing surveillance footage for clues. ABC 7 reports that after shooting Sanocki, they fled down Nassau Avenue on foot, running toward Leonard Street. No detailed description has yet been released; the NYPD has only described the robbers as Latino.

Sanocki's son tells the Daily News the store was robbed three years ago. He says that he raced to the location in panic when he heard the news, saying, "I thought I was going to wipe out on the motorcycle on the way here."