This week, the Health Department released its Vital Statistics 2012 report [PDF], which showed that the abortion rate in NYC reached an all time low that year. The report attributed the new numbers to the increasing prevalence of IUDs—a form of birth control inserted into the uterus. But even as IUDs are becoming more and more popular, condoms apparently are not. Guess Girls is more true-to-life than we even realized.

According to a Health Department survey, nearly 86 percent of men in Greenpoint said they didn't use condoms. That neighborhood was followed by Ridgewood/Forest Hills (80%), Northern Staten Island (78.7%) and the Upper West Side (78.4%). The highest use of condoms came in Central Harlem (43% said they use it), Union Square/Lower Manhattan (40.7%), Flushing/Clearview (40.2%) and Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights (40%).

Despite this alleged downward trend with condom usage, the number of terminated pregnancies in NYC dropped 8.6 percent from 2011, 19 percent from 2003 and 22 percent since 2000. And it hasn't stopped NYC from introducing a new blue-tinted version of the much maligned NYC condom. If NYC really wanted to get serious about promoting condom usage, they should consider adopting an emergency condom delivery service.