2006_06_kuczera2.jpgAfter last week's claim from an upstate man who said Greenpoint warehouse fire suspect Leszek Kuczera was working for him during the incident, and therefore couldn't have started the 10 alarm blaze, Kuczera himself is coming around to this story. In a few interviews, the Polish immigrant maintained his innocence, saying he was hungover during the interrogation and thought the police were interested in him giving details about the warehouses. Kuczera says that he told the police he reported a 2005 fire caused by other immigrants burning insulation off metal, and that's what confused the police into thinking he confessed about May's devastating fire. The police maintain that Kuczera is one of two firestarters - the Daily News reports that two NYPD interpreters (one Polish born and raised) were present when Kuczera signed his confession.

A pastor in Greenpoint says he and his wife had given Kuczera money on three times in April and May, but do not know if some of the money was used to go upstate to work for Zbignew Sarna. And the friend that allegedly told the police that Kuczera would be a good person to talk to about the warehouse fire cannot be found. At any rate, a Legal Aid attorney is looking to post bail for Kuczera.