Now that we've come to terms with living in a world in which the Big Real Estate and its evil henchman, the Internet, randomly create new neighborhood names meant to be forever burned into our lexicon (WTF is "South Village", Yelp?!), it appears we're going to have to deal with developers making new neighborhoods within neighborhoods that already exist. At a Community Board 1 meeting last night, the developers behind Greenpoint's massive new Greenpoint Landing project gave a presentation highlighting the proposed plan, telling the audience, "We’re creating a neighborhood on the waterfront." Because, after all, that spit of land between Williamsburg and Long Island City's nothing but a dark shadowland, and you must NEVER EVER GO THERE, SIMBA.

Melanie Meyers, a representative from the Park Tower Group developers behind Greenpoint Landing, told locals and political representatives at the meeting that the proposed 22-acre mega-project would be a veritable city-inside-city, complete with 10 high-rise (30 to 40 story) towers, a park and a 640-seat school. Oh, but that's not all! Apparently, Greenpoint's waterfront has yet another project in the works: 77 Commercial Street, headed by developers David Bistricer and Joseph Chetrit, also plans to add a 30-40 story tower to the area, and they're trying to get the city to give them the go-ahead.

Details for both projects were apparently pretty hazy last night, but there are some new renderings, and attendees did learn that the projects would bring in 1,431 affordable housing units. But, unsurprisingly, many current Greenpoint residents aren't thrilled with either project, which would only further North Brooklyn's future as New Condo City, and likely push out the declining long-term middle class Polish population.

CB1 representative Chris Olechowski also noted that the board had rejected the development plans, but the city decided to go ahead with them anyway. And it appears the project will break ground sometime at the end of this year or early next, so enjoy that roomy G train while you still can!