Greenpointers green with envy for all those shiny towers over in Williamsburg and Long Island City, you'll be happy to know you may not need to be for much longer. Greenpoint Landing, a quietly stewing mega-project on the Greenpoint waterfront, is looking like it might really happen. Current tenants are moving out of the project's plots, which means big things could soon be coming. Like what? Like 22 redeveloped acres! 10 luxury towers rising 30-40 stories! 4,000 apartments (20 percent of which will be "affordable")! Maybe even a swooping Santiago Calatrava bridge to Long Island City! The MTA is going to need to add some cars to the G when this is over.

Beause this is a pretty massive project, as far as Handel Architects makes it sound. Really big. And not really in fitting with the vibe of Greenpoint as we all know it. Besides the towers,

The site will feature a marina as well as the largest East River pier as the centerpiece of the waterfront experience. Indoor amenities will include concierge and valet service, fitness center and spa, racquetball court, golf-simulator, children’s playroom and screening room. Unique outdoor space will include a seasonal putting green / ice rink, and a large amenity deck overlooking with swimming pool, hot tub and barbecue area. Indoor parking will be accessible to all residents, and restaurants and other retail establishments will be incorporated throughout the entire project.

Meanwhile, Greenpointers notes that this project "neighbors the long-promised, but never-delivered park at 65 Commercial Street, which is currently a parking lot for MTA vehicles," so maybe—just maybe—if all this developement does come to Greenpoint that park will finally happen and all those MTA vehicles will leave? No matter what, worse things could happen to Newtown Creek than a Santiago Calatrava bridge.