horses_lindsayb.jpgHappy horse news this Sunday. Last fall the city sued an upstate horse farm owner who was taking care of retired NYPD horses for not taking care of those horses. The city claimed the horses were "grossly underweight, had difficulty chewing, and were kept in stalls without straw bedding." The farm owner countered that the city did not give him funding to care for the horses. The lawsuit was dropped when it was agreed to move the horses.

The Daily News reports today that fifteen horses have been moved to Pennsylvania, five to a stable in New Hampshire and eight to Smullen Stables in Cobleskill. Twenty other horses were adopted last fall after news of their poor condition was made known.

The health of the horses, who range in age from 3 to nearly 30, has improved dramatically since the move, according to the police mounted unit. Terri Smullen, co-owner of the upstate stable with her husband James said the horses have "rolling hills to roam and lots of food to eat."

NYPD horses standing guard at Idiotarod 2007 by Lindsay Beyerstein on Flickr.