Mark Green went on the attack in last night's public advocate debate, linking his rival Bill de Blasio to the recently scandalized group, ACORN. Up until now, Green has attempted to cruise back into the advocate office based on name recognition and the harshest criticism toward de Blasio has come from Charles Barron (who was not even in the race!). But during last night's debate, Green said, "The Working Families party and ACORN put $30,000 in his pocket, so when they come and visit him at City Council who is he working for? You or his employers?"

Once again the format of the debate took center stage over its content with the Times noting, "No one watching the debate would come away with much insight on the candidates’ positions on the issues, for they were rarely asked about them." Mark Green even got snippy at one point with NY1's Dominic Carter, who again insisted on doing a lightning round. Fresh off the heels of last debate's revelation that neither man knows who Lady Gaga is (but then again, do any of us really?), last night we learned that Green doesn't have a library card, neither has ever been to a strip club and both know the approximate price of milk.