Someday in the not to distant future, you will be able to legally hail livery cabs in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs (as opposed to now when you can still do so, just illegally). But when that great day comes it will bring with it a number of other changes. One of the biggest? The TLC rules are insisting that all hailable livery cabs be the same color. And Transportation Nation has it on good authority that that color will be green.

The logic behind green is pretty simple, according to Livery Base Owners Assocation spokeswoman Cira Angeles: "Blue to a certain degree is associated with the police, red with emergency vehicles. Finally someone mentioned green, and it sounded like a pretty good idea when it comes to identifying the car."

Beyond the color, the liveries will look like yellow cabs with roof lights, credit card readers, meters and partitions. Since the TLC has yet to officially announce that green is in (and probably won't until it finalizes all the rules this spring) we have no way of knowing what shade of green will be chosen, but we'd like to see something on the brighter side. Like a chartreuse. Because one of the great things about New York cabs (versus the cabs everywhere else) is that all of our medallion taxis are the same instantly recognizable bright yellow.