Not everyone is as amused as we are by all the ridiculous ins-and-outs of Crazyfest 2010. Some nutty people even find it mildly insulting to the American voters! "The constant bickering reminds me more of Jersey Shore. Maybe Cuomo should hire Snooki as his press officer. That’s about the level we’re at now," said Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins.

Hawkins might be feeling a bit left out of the fray, since he hasn't been mentioned...well, at all, in the local coverage of the gubernatorial election. He wasn't even invited to join the two for the debate-that-will-eventually-happen-but-we're-not-ready-to-set-an-exact-date-or-time-for-it-yet-please-stop-asking. So what better way to steer the conversation back to the issues, to fight against the lunacy of the Paladino/Cuomo campaigns, then with some highly-pullable quotes comparing Paladino and Cuomo to the tackiest of pop culture references. “What is this, the ‘Real Candidates Of Erie County’?” Hawkins was quoted as quipping while watching the Paladino/Dicker fight night footage.

But hey, he's trying to talk about an issue or two, which is more than Paladino or Cuomo have done for the last two weeks: “Both want to cut public spending and services in order to keep tax breaks for the wealthy. All that’s left to argue about is ‘who’s the bigger man?’—and the media’s falling for it. Given the chance to debate, I can provide New Yorkers with a competing vision, my prosperity plan vs. their austerity plan.” Hawkins just really, really wants to be included in any debate that may-or-may-not happen, depending on whether they can fit it in before this week's scheduled fight between Cuomo and Andrea Peyser.

Until then, he can just keep on throwing amusing insults at Cuomodino: “Cuomo and Paladino whine about the so-called ‘budget crisis’ but won’t even mention the Stock Transfer Tax. Andy and Carl’s hot tub reconciliation will come after Election Day, when they’re toasting champagne glasses with Wall Street banksters.”