Ten years ago the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at 155 Cedar Street was destroyed when the World Trade Center towers collapsed. And for the past ten years, there has been seemingly interminable negotiations about rebuilding it. One of the main sticking points was how much money the Port Authority would kick in—as you may know, the Authority has had a little money trouble, in part because of that rather unnecessary $3.3 billion office tower at 1 World Trade Center. Earlier estimates, according to City Room, put the Port Authority's share of the project at $40 million. But with the new design for the church agreed upon, the Port Authority will kick in "just" $25 million. Something to think about next time you're crossing the Hudson River.

CBS 2 reports that the church will be rebuilt at Liberty and Church Streets on Port Authority property, with the Port Authority paying for site-work and below-ground infrastructure. The archdiocese will cover the rest of the cost. The new design is 4,100 square feet, and about 40 to 50 percent smaller the earlier plan. But it's still three times the size of the original, so the LORD will have a lot more elbow room. The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, is calling the project "an affirmation of the significance of religious freedom and experience for all New Yorkers and all Americans."

So if you're wondering why the Port Authority is paying $25 million toward this, well, that money is only being used to build the platform under the church, connecting to the World Trade Center. City Room says, "The church, which will include a nondemoninational bereavement center, will sit on a platform above the helical underground ramp of the vehicle security center, through which trucks and buses will travel from street level to the subterranean loading and parking areas serving the new World Trade Center."