Staten Island borough president James Oddo's not all about the 99 percent, but he's not crazy about big developments either. After a real estate development razed a Jesuit retreat to build condos, he decided to bequeath the surrounding streets with names for greed— Avidita Place, Cupidity Drive and Fourberie Lane. The developers tried to stop him, of course, but this week a judge let it through.

The judge, Philip Minardo ruled Thursday that the Staten Island Borough President has the right to choose any street names, noting that he “presumably assumed that these names being easy to pronounce, would be more clearly understood by a 911 dispatcher.” That may be true, but Oddo's been trying to keep developer Savo Brothers from sticking a 250-unit condo complex atop the Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat in Fort Wadsworth for the last five years. The retreat was finally demolished in 2014.

Avidita, Cupidity and Fourberie are all names for greed and deception, traits Oddo clearly believes the Savo Brothers exhibit:

Still, Oddo concedes that the names won't bring the retreat back. "This court decision is not a victory because it will not bring back the trees, the sacred buildings and the natural topography," he said in a statement.

Really though, the names were way better than the ones the development company picked, which included Timber Lane, Lamb Run, Lazy Bird Lane and Amber Heights Drive. More like Timber Lame, Lame Run, and Lazy Street Named Lane, amirite?