A 13-foot great white shark weighing around 1,600 pounds washed up on shore near the border of Massachusetts and Rhode Island on Saturday, prompting auhtorities to close two beaches nearby. “It was pretty scary standing next to that thing," Gary Severa, the fisherman who first spotted the shark, told ABC. "It made your adrenaline go cause he’s stone dead, but my God, it has Jaws written all over it."

It's unknown why the male shark died, and a necropsy showed that its stomach was empty. "It will probably remain a mystery,” marine biologist Dr. Greg Skomal told the Boston Globe. The shark may have been caught in fishing gear, but there were no obvious signs of struggle or trauma.

Shark sitings on Thursday and Friday caused several beaches in Cape Cod to be closed this weekend, and authorities have tagged any they could find—cataloguing a total of at least 11 this summer alone. “On average, in general, we have noticed a trend upward,” Dr. Skomal says. Seals are a favorite meal of white sharks, and they often swim and play near beachgoers in Cape Cod.