Mary Lee the Great White Shark has been swimming around the Northeast of late, having successfully avoided winter and presidential primary season. This week, she took advantage of the lovely weather, surfacing near East Hampton on Thursday.

Mary Lee, who was outfitted with an OCEARCH tracking device a few years ago, is a very speedy swimmer, having traveled 19 miles in 24 hours and 119.7 miles in 72 hours. But she's steered clear of Long Island since last May, when she pinged off the coast of Jones Beach. Indeed, Mary Lee's Northeast visits have mostly centered around New Jersey, where she was rumored to be looking for a place to make shark babies. Sadly, Mary Lee did not eat Chris Christie during her Garden State residency, and now we must suffer through this.

Anyway, it's hard to know where Mary Lee's off to next, but if she sticks around for a few weeks she can save Montauk by snacking on all the bros.