With the media beginning to buzz about the 2012 election, former half-term Alaska governor and TLC documentary host Sarah Palin is trying to be sneaky about what will most likely be a controversial, soundbite-heavy clusterfuck of a presidential run. Previously, she said she would "give it a shot" if the American people were ready for her (which VA Tea Partiers said they weren't), and at a private dinner in Florida hosted by Newsmax this week, she reportedly reminded attendees that nobody thought Reagan was electable either in 1980.

She continued to praise the Gipper, speaking of her fondness for his "shining city on a hill" speech and actually impressing attendees. Ralph Reed of the Faith & Freedom Coalition told Politico, “Palin was engaging, charming, and well-informed on the issues and the campaigns going on around the country," while another attendee said, “I was surprised about how many people in room said ‘yes’ when I asked if they could see themselves supporting her. I was expecting to hear what you mostly hear — ‘I hope she doesn’t do it’ or, ‘She’s more effective doing what she’s doing.'" Like getting booed while watching Bristol on "Dancing With The Stars."

Another guest told US News & World report, "This was an indication that she's strongly considering running." To counter that comment, the paper ran this list of 10 reasons why Palin would make a bad president, including that she is "new on the world stage" and her lack of a big agenda. And her lack of experience. And her questionable ethics. And her less-than-eloquent speaking manner. And that she has not completed a term as a politician since being the Mayor of the methamphetamine capital of Alaska. Please, chime in any time.