2007_01_graydsonscaffold.jpgLike many New Yorkers, Graydon Carter could care less about noise caused by new development, renovations, and all the like. But who knew he'd be up for throwing scaffolding down in extreme frustration while wearing shorts in 36 degree weather? Luckily, the Post has the "photo exclusive" that shows the Vanity Fair editor get up in a construction worker's business.

The scaffolding was being put up in the West Village, near Carter's home and near his Waverly Inn restaurant. He tried to joke about it when the Post queried him:

"Scaffold hurling . . . It's a venerated Canadian sport, like curling," the Canadian-born Carter joked to The Post yesterday.

"Everybody up there does it."

Carter then explained, "Fact is, I've had construction across the street from me and next door to me for four years. On Saturday morning, a flatbed pulled up and began unloading scaffolding. It blocked the street off and on all day.

"At 7:30 that night, I was home with my family and the sound - and it was loud - just continued."

To make matters even worse, he said, "cars were by now honking."

So, he said, "I headed out into the street in my scaffold-hurling gear to see if I could get them to stop.

"I couldn't get their attention, so I grabbed one of the pieces of scaffolding.

Oy. While no one likes construction noise, we can't help but be reminded of an incident when a complaint about construction noise escalated tragically.

Rockledge Scaffolding admits that workers were working late and says the workers should have gotten there early to finish up earlier. Rockledge owner Jeremiah Harrington "insisted his employees are under orders to defuse any complaints at work sites," adding, "If they really, really don't want us there, we'll pack up and leave." Yeah, Graydon, do you think they want scaffolding thrown at them?