Darrell Issa wants to 'save' California from Gray Davis; Photo - AP

In crazy political news, the effort to recall Gray Davis as Governor of California has been gaining unexpected momentum. Davis was re-elected in 2002, but may be on this November's ballot (he let the state budget deficit go to $38 billion). Possible candidates for governor? Dianne Feinstein for the Democrats, Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Republicans (he'll figure that all out after Terminator 3 opens; if his box office is hot, Gothamist thinks he'll do it). Oh, and there's Darrell Issa, the Republican Congressman behind the effort. (Issa's a congressman AND an car alarm entrepreneur!) Justin covered this a few weeks ago (clearly, Justin is ahead of the curve, and certainly ahead of Jen), revealing some religious origins of the recall.

Apparently, there have been 31 earlier attempts to recall a governor, all unsuccessful but this one seems to have the potential to shake up politics. CNN also mentions that Davis' popularity is at 28%. Haha, New York can beat that: Bloomberg's approval is 24%. Wait, is Gothamist's laughter out of smugness or self-pity?

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