2007_12_graveinsult.jpgAnthony Marshall has not only been indicted for alleged criminal mishandling of his mother Brooke Astor's estate - he's being called a "STONE COLD HEIR" by the Post for not properly maintaining his mother's grave. Ouch!

A public spat with his own son over Astor's care led to an ultimate court settlement where Marshall ceded guardianship of Astor and her estate to JP Morgan Chase and Astor's friend Annette de la Renta. But after Astor died in August, Marshall held a secret burial attended only by him, his wife and a priest. The Post takes the opportunity to remark that almost four months after the burial, her grave at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is "buried under piled-up leaves - with no marker, no candles, no flowers, not a single indication that anyone at all is buried there." The Post says it's like a "pauper's grave in a potter's field"!

The kind of headstone Astor wanted requires a vault to be built in the ground (where the casket would go) in advance, but since that never happened, it could take until after the cold weather for any work to start. Marshall's lawyer told the Post, "It took time to find a stone of suitable quality and of this color...No family members or anyone else have contacted Mr. Marshall to ask about the headstone. Contacting the media on this non-issue is a sign of malice, not an indication of any real concern or interest."

But gardener, Scott Hamor, who worked for Astor, said, "The lady should have a statue put up in Central Park. That's how much she gave of herself... She should be remembered that way."