Graphic video of a NJ man being fatally shot by police during a routine traffic stop has been released to the public. Jeram Reid, 36, was in the passenger seat of a blue Jaguar with Leroy Tutt, 46, when they were stopped by cops in Bridgeton, NJ for running a stop sign on Tuesday December 30th. Graphic dashcam video of the stop, taken from the car of officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley, show how the stop escalated from routine to deadly in under two minutes.

Although the encounter starts with a somewhat friendly tone, Days starts screaming at Reid when he spots a weapon in the glove compartment of the car, yelling, "Show me your hands"” and "If you reach for something, you’re going to be f*cking dead!" amidst a lot of cursing. Days appears to remove the weapon from the car, then Reid says in response, "I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing, bro. I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing," while Worley holds his gun toward the driver on the other side of the car.

At one point Days shouts, "He's reaching! He's reaching!" Reid can be heard saying something along the lines of, "I’m getting out and getting on the ground" or "let me out of the f*cking car," then appears to exit the car with his hands up and in front of him. Both Days and Worley open fire, fatally shooting him; between six and nine shots can be heard.

According to the Post, Reid spent 13 years in jail for shooting at New Jersey State Police troopers when he was a teenager. He was also arrested last year on charges including drug possession and obstruction; Days was one of the arresting officers then.

"The video speaks for itself that at no point was Jerame Reid a threat and he possessed no weapon on his person," said Walter Hudson, chair and founder of the civil rights group the National Awareness Alliance. "He complied with the officer and the officer shot him."

Both officers have been placed on paid administrative leave since the shooting. There have been protests in Bridgeton in the weeks since as well. The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office says it is investigating the use of deadly force in the fatal shooting. Already, there have been issues with the case: County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McCrae has disqualified herself from the case because she knows Days.