A 94-year-old man was struck by the driver of a tractor-trailer and again by another driver in a sedan in Crown Heights this morning, according to police. He was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital.

The NYPD says the unidentified victim was hit at around 11:12 a.m. this morning at Albany Avenue between Lincoln Place and Eastern Parkway. He was struck first by the tractor-trailer, and again by a second driver while he lay on the street. He was transported to Kings County Hospital where he died, according to police.

CrownHeights.info reports that the victim was attempting to exit his own vehicle when he was struck by the truck driver, who did not remain on the scene. The second driver, a woman in a black sedan, apparently got out of her car after striking the victim, but left the scene as well.

The incident was captured in the security camera video below, though note that it is very graphic and disturbing:

The NYPD says the investigation is ongoing.