In September 2013, a group of motorcyclists were accused of brutally beating an SUV driver who collided with at least one biker. Altogether, 11 motorcyclists (including one undercover police officer) were charged and indicted for the incident. Nine have pleaded guilty to second-degree assault, and the trial has now begun for the last two suspects. The lawyer for victim Alexian Lien has released graphic new video showing the motorcyclists dragging him out of his car, then stomping on him in the street.

Rosalyn Ng, the wife of Lien who was huddled in the back of the car with their 2-year-old during the assault, testified in court about the harrowing events of September 29th, 2013. She said they were scared for their lives when the group of motorcyclists forced them to pull over on the West Side Highway just north of 125th Street: "They were saying, ‘I’m gonna get you. I’m gonna f----ng kill you!'" she said. "Like, ‘You’re gonna get it!'"

Lien said the incident was sparked when the motorcyclists, who were part of a motorcycle tour called Hollywood Block Party, all started blocking cars on the highway, popping wheelies and doing stunts in traffic; Lien felt "annoyed" and wanted to get his family to NJ, and Ng tossed a half-eaten plum and later a water bottle at the bikers. The riders then forced them to stop, and Lien panicked as they surrounded the car: "And as they're around my car, I feel it being hit, being kicked," he said. "I'm horrified at this point, and I recall asking my wife, 'What do I do? What do I do?' She says, 'Just go! Just go!'" He struck a few bikers as he escaped, including Edwin Mieses, who was left paralyzed after his spine was broken.

Ng and Lien were both testifying in the trial of undercover detective Wojciech Braszczok and co-defendant Robert Sims, who are charged with assault and other crimes.