On their way to outlawing smoking in public parks, beaches, and in your dreams, officials at the Health Department are moving forward with a plan to require graphic cigarette warning signs anywhere you buy smokes in NYC. The new signs will include information on how to quit, and, like the one seen here, will show the ugly side-effects of smoking. Some 12,000 retailers in all five boroughs are expected to display the signs by December, but the city will give them a two month grace period before issuing fines.

But at least one defiant local smoker says the public education campaign is futile, telling NY1, "Everyone knows the risks. It's a habit, you can't break it. I enjoy it, actually. I don't plan on quitting no matter where they put the signs." Meanwhile, the FDA is stepping in to make its presence felt among children, announcing a nationwide ban on candy-flavored cigarettes today. Kids, it's only a matter of time before the government takes away your licorice whips, too.