When will people learn not to let people they've met on Craigslist into their homes? A 71-year old woman has been arrested in New Jersey for a house-sitting scam she has performed in at least three other states, including New York. Mary Ann Demmy was hired to care for a Glen Ridge, NJ house and pets while the family was away on vacation, but a neighbor called the cops when he saw "a lot of windows and doors were left open."

Police questioned Demmy, and arrested her for providing false information. But once questioning began, the found she was wanted in New York, Florida, Louisiana and two other New Jersey counties, and was in possession of a checkbook and a credit card she obtained through theft or fraud. Gabriel Weinstock explained what Demmy did to his parents' home: "She tried to take a credit card and tried to charge some stuff to the credit card we had in the house." One officer said, "She had personal property on her from at least four or five other victims."

Demmy advertised as a house-sitter on Craigslist, and Glen Ridge Police Lt. Fred Egnezzo said she was "very polite, very well-spoken, she tried to be very charming." Police also warned, "Please do not let your guard down as identity theft, fraud (and) credit card theft is on the rise and by people who you would never suspect." Those little old ladies are always plotting their next move, which is why we never help them cross the street.