With their usual smorgasbord of awful, breakfast-related puns, the Post is reporting (with a "It's scam and eggs" headline) on an expensive scam that went on at the Belvedere Hotel on West 48th Street. Mary Comis, the 62-year-old controller of the hotel amassed $208,000 over three years by scamming patrons through the hotel's breakfast specials. The hotel had two specials for guests: The American Breakfast priced at $19.95, and a Continental Breakfast at $13.95. While calculating the large breakfast totals, Comis would charge the $6 difference to herself, meaning "she would have had to pull the scam roughly 34,699 times." The amounts she charged were so small that nobody caught on until recently. She's expected to serve 300 hours of community service, and is currently paying all of the money back to the Belvedere. Too bad, otherwise it would have been a parfait crime. (Your move, Post.)