2008_12_livcab.jpgBad story with good ending: WABC 7 reports that two men who "beat and robbed a 70-year-old woman were arrested after they mistook an undercover police car for a livery cab and tried to hail it to flee the scene." Really! Apparently the men had attacked the elderly woman in a Bronx apartment building on Tuesday, after kicking her and stealing her wallet. They ran out to the street and "noticed a light blue car and thought it was a livery cab, so they stopped, breathless on the street, and tried to hail it." But inside were undercover cops, who asked the two muggers for ID. And one of the men came up with the mugging victim's ID--then claiming he picked it up off the sidewalk. It gets better, too: They were arrested when the victim was being transported on a stretcher by EMT workers-- "The ambulance stopped near the car, and the woman identified the suspects."