A Chelsea parking garage is in hot water after an attendant allegedly gave Grandmaster Flash's car to the wrong person.

The 57-year-old legendary hip-hop DJ took to Instagram and Twitter last night to air his grievances, alleging that he parked his custom white Dodge Charger at the 101 Car Park on West 23rd Street in Chelsea last week while running errands. When he returned to retrieve it, though, it was gone, and the attendant reportedly claimed he'd given the car to someone "with no ID who looked like me," according to Flash. See below:

Flash filed a police report on July 16th, and police have categorized the crime as grand larceny auto—in addition to the car itself, Flash says he's lost three boxes of "priceless vintage records and equipment."

The garage confirmed to reporters that the attendant responsible for giving Flash's car away has been fired. The car has not yet been returned.