Yesterday morning, an 84-year-old woman walking along a cul-de-sac in Jericho, Long Island was killed when a driver backed out of her driveway. Miu Lamhung, a Jersey City resident, was staying at her grandchildren's home (while one of her sons and his wife were on a trip) and had apparently taken a break: Another son, Michael Lam, said tearfully that he saw meat and a cleaver on the kitchen counter, "She was cooking for the kids."

Newsday reports, "A man at a house a few doors away acknowledged his wife had been backing out of their driveway and struck Lamhung. The man, who would not give his full name, said his wife had looked both ways and did not see Lamhung. The man, who said he is a police officer in a local village, said he tried CPR but couldn't revive Lamhung. He said his wife 'was distraught' and their priest planned a visit to counsel her."

According to Patch, the driver was in her 30s and that Nassau County police performed a brake check on the car. The police do not believe any criminality was involved.

Lamhung's son Michael Lam told Newsday, "It was an accident. No one wishes something like this to happen. If somebody tells you your mother is dead, you feel things. But I don't want to have anger."