We know, that almost sounds like an Onion headline (or an April Fools), but its true! After retooling its logo last month, Starbucks has announced plans to roll out a new, massive, 31-ounce "Trenta" cup size. Only available for iced coffee and tea drinks, the larger cups will run $.50 more than a Venti when it rolls out on May 3. Close 'bucks watchers shouldn't be surprised by this development though, they've been testing the cup in select markets since last March. But will the cups actually hold 31 ounces of fluid?

See misleading cup sizes, like shrinking cereal boxes, is the latest trend in beverage sales. 7-Eleven, for instance, has been getting called out for possibly shrinking their Super Big Gulp down from 44 to 40 ounces, while keeping the price the same. And then there was the postseason "scandal" at Seattle's Qwest Field where it turned out the small and the large beers at the stadium held the same amount of fluid.

And for what it is worth? An adult human bladder, when full, holds about 500ml of fluid (or about 16.9 fluid ounces). Think about that the next time a barista asks you what size you'd like.