Chew on this, NYC officials who are upset about Grand Theft Auto IV taking place in a city very similar to the Big Apple: GTA IV is actually really different. For starters, Staten Island isn't mentioned!

Joystiq has details from Game Informer magazine:


re-created Liberty City (better mirrors real-world NYC; smaller "geographical mass" than San Andreas, but more densely populated)
+ MetLife building = "Getalife"
+ Statue of Liberty = "Statue of Happiness"
+ DUMBO = "BOABO" (Beneath the Offramp of the Algonquin Bridge Overpass
+ Area includes an adaptation of four of NYC's boroughs (no love for Staten Island), and a section of Jersey:

- Manhattan = "Algonquin" (The Lenape did speak an Algonquin language from which our word "Manhattan" is derived)
- Brooklyn = "Broker"
- Queens = "Dukes" (a duke ranks just below a prince)
- Bronx = "Bohan"
- New Jersey = "Alderney" (also named for one of the British Channel Islands -- or a breed of cattle)

Also good to know: there will be "more freaks: 'angry yuppies' and 'lunatics'" and the main character is an Eastern European whose cousin "operates a rundown taxi depot in Broker."

You can see the trailer here.