2005_06_grandhyatt.jpgThis sounds bad: The NY Post reports that a "utility vault under the Grand Hyatt is in danger of collapsing — which could damage the hotel's foundation and leave it without any power." The Grand Hyatt is essentially connected to Grand Central Terminal, and it's sort of one of those anonymously and ugly buildings you ignore because Grand Central is so arresting. Of course the Hyatt and Metro-North (the Hyatt would have to fix the vault by passing into the MTA's property - Grand Central) are saying things are fine and safe, that the Hyatt won't collapse and that they're fixing the problem (installing new steel beams), but since there have been a variety of collapses in the past months, from buildings to retaining walls, Gothamist can't help but wonder what other madness is waiting to happen.

Definitely one of more interesting rides in the city is riding through the passages around Grand Central. When you go uptown, you pass the Grand Hyatt.