2006_06_grplaza.jpgYesterday, there was a press conference to herald the formation of the Grand Army Plaza Coalition, which will help improve Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza for pedestrians. According to Transportation Alternatives, is coalition is "made up of civic associations such as the Park Slope Civic Council, the Prospect Heights Parents Association and the Eastern Parkway Cultural Row Association...cultural institutions such as the Prospect Park Alliance, the Brooklyn Public Library and the Heart of Brooklyn Cultural Partnership...advocacy organizations such as the Project for Public Spaces, Transportation Alternatives, and the Open Planning Project." Jan Gehl, an urban quality consultant from Denmark, will be "re-envisioning" the plaza, told NY1, "These great opportunities have completely been cut off in little islands where people, like Eskimos, have to jump from one ice floe to another. The middle here where you have fountains and other nice things, there are no one."

It's so true - crossing Grand Army Plaza is like playing the real life Frogger. More from the Grand Army Pedestrian Reclamation Project.