Yowza! The NY Post reports that a Grand Central "hospitality supervisor" is accused of seducing and harassing male employees. Tourist greeters Filipp Asmolov and Mynor Federico Nunez separately say that they had affairs with boss Mercedes Mercado and when they tried to end them, she threatened them. Here's the Post on Asmolov's suit:

At first, the suit said, the strapping Asmolov was receptive when the petite Mercado pressed herself against him in the midday hours - while he was supposed to be handing out discount coupons or directing baffled tourists. They began having sex consensually, the suit said.

As the spark in their relationship fizzled, Asmolov charges, Mercado let it be known that if he did not continue sleeping with her, he'd be canned.

In April, after Asmolov refused to continue the tryst, Mercado would scream at him in front of other employees, he claims, and assign him demeaning tasks.

Fed up, he quit.

As for Nunez, apparently he "had sex with Mercado repeatedly in her grungy 8-by-10-foot office, according to his civil complaint." When he wanted to end the affair, she said she'd fire him. Nunez was fired by the Grand Central Partnership this week when his lawsuit was filed. His attorney says, "For it to happen to one person is bad. For it to happen to two people is outrageous."

Mercado, who is married with a 16 year old daughter, denied it, saying. "You'd have to be a fool to believe it." And the Grand Central Partnership is a non-profit headed by MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow.